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NAD + IV Therapy

IV Hydration Therapy
for Athletes

After an extreme work out in the Texas heat or even indoors by athletes, our bodies become dehydrated and depleted of vital nutrients for rebuilding cells. 

You can drink bottles and bottles of water all day, but IV hydration offers immediate absorption of liquid vitamins into the blood stream for use throughout the body!  With IV hydration, you bypass the digestive tract which limits the amount & types of vitamins your body can absorb.  This gives your body 100% of the vitamin nutrients through a drip line before being flushed through the kidneys.


Vitality Wellness- Fort Worth is excited to partner with Nolan Catholic High School Athletics to provide much needed repair for our athletes after intense workouts and to help strengthen their athletic performance!

Benefits of IV Hydration Include:

  • Athletic Performance Enhancement and Reduction in Injury

  • Instant Hydration

  • Cleansing the Body of Toxins & Free Radicals

  • Better Cardiovascular Health

  • Immunity and Illness Reduction

  • Treating Nutrient Deficiencies 

  • Increased Energy Levels & Clears Brain Fog

  • Stress Reduction and Lessens Anxiety

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