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Sofwave™ Non-Surgical Face Lifting Treatment in Fort Worth-- APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE!

As we age, our skin loses elasticity and collagen production weakens; making skin appear loose and saggy. Patients can opt for surgical face lifts that comes with considerable amount of down time or patients can now use the revolutionary ultrasound parallel beam technology of Sofwave™. Dr. Julie Ratino and Sherry Rutledge, RN provide these treatments on the submental, neck and face to tighten saggy skin for patients at their Downtown Fort Worth, TX office. You can lock in your consult for $50 with Dr Julie Ratino or Sherry Rutledge today in Fort Worth office:!

Why do we LOVE Sofwave™? It's more affordable than surgery (we also offer financing if you need more time to pay!!), the results will amaze you, it's more comfortable for our patients and it's doing a service by stimulating collagen instead of cutting into loose skin with surgery.

Sofwave Non-surgical face lifting treatment in Fort Worth, Texas
Sofwave Non-surgical face lifting treatment in Fort Worth, Texas

What To Expect With Sofwave™

Sofwave non-surgical face lift treatment in Fort Worth is a fantastic, non-surgical procedure that uses ultrasound parallel beam technology to stimulate collagen under the skin. Patients come to Vitality Wellness to tighten, tone and help rebuild collagen production with small bursts of light around the face, neck or eyes! Both men and women are using Sofwave™ as a means to reduce wrinkles, improve sagging skin and improve the skin consistency! If you're on the fence and looking for more information, set up a $50 consult (the fee goes towards your treatment!) with Dr Julie Ratino with Vitality Wellness Med Spa in our Fort Worth office!

What Does the Sofwave™ Treatment Include?

A Sofwave™ treatment starts with a complete cleaning of the face, neck and surround areas of treatment. We begin with a numbing agent to make our patients comfortable while using the laser. The Sofwave™ light beam is moved around the treatment area several times to ensure we stimulate the skin and collagen. Your face may appear slightly pink and swollen after the procedure, but it will heal after a few days. You'll see results after the very first treatment, and the treatment should last for up to year or more for patients. our patients are extremely happy with the results within a few weeks after the treatment! Sofwave™ Non-Surgical Face Lifting Treatment in Fort Worth, Dallas and the greater DFW area is the premier skin option for our patients who want to avoid going under the knife!

If you're in Fort Worth, Dallas or the surrounding areas, we encourage you to reach out and get all the information on this revolutionary skin treatment!

Sofwave Non-surgical face lift treatment in Fort Worth, Texas at Vitality Wellness
Sofwave Non-surgical face lift in Fort Worth, Texas at Vitality Wellness

Who Is The Ideal Patient For a Sofwave™ Treatment?

Sofwave™ Non-Surgical Face Lifting Treatment in Fort Worth is for anyone who notices sagging under their neck, eyes or submental is a great candidate for a Sofwave™ treatment.

Surprisingly, the best patients who benefit from Sofwave™ treatments: Anyone using #Semaglutide weight loss injections!

Watch this video from renown Dermatologist, Doris Day, explaining how Sofwave™ can actually be a perfect preventative from the dreaded "Ozempic saggy skin" epidemic to build elastin and reduce skin sag:

Sofwave™ Top Questions

How many Treatments will I need?

Treatments depend on your skin texture. After one treatment, you'll notice a difference in the tone, tightness and texture. Dr Julie Ratino and Sherry will give you an overview of the treatment schedule based on your consultation.

How Long are Treatments?

Typically, a treatment lasts about 40 minutes.

How Long Is The Recovery Period?

The best part of a Sofwave™ treatment is the quick recovery time! This is a "lunch-break treatment" and then you're back to work! You can be active after your with simple instructions for skin care post-appointment!

Can I get a Sofwave™ Treatment As Well As Additional Procedures While I'm at Vitality Wellness?

Absolutely! In fact, most of our patients will book a dual appointment in conjunction with the Sofwave™ treatment. The "perk" of Sofwave™ is the speed in which you're back on your feet right after the procedure.

What are my payment options?

At Vitality Wellness Med Spa in Fort Worth, we have several payment options for our patients! We have 2 great companies that we work with that offer financing for our treatments and services. We can also invoice our clients or run a card in our office. You can learn here:

Weyou to be as comfortable as possible through the entire process of working with Vitality Wellness, so ask questions and tell us how we can best serve you!

Sofwave Non-surgical face lift treatment in Fort Worth
Sofwave Non-surgical face lift treatment in Fort Worth

Dr. Julie Ratino serves patients near Fort Worth, Dallas and greater DFW areas. Contact Vitality Wellness Med Spa in Fort Worth, Texas for a consultation of all your aesthetic goals for only a $50 consult fee up front! BOOK TODAY:

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