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It's Chemical Peel Season, Fort Worth!

It's Almost Fall!

Do you know our favorite thing to do this season!? FORT WORTH CHEMICAL PEEL TIME!!

Fort Worth Chemical Peels

Yes! It's the time to focus on restoring skin after a summer of intense sun!

If you have dry, flaky, discolored patches or additional wrinkles from sitting pool side, you should come in STAT to fix the damage under your skin!

Chemical peels work by exfoliating the skin’s surface to reduce the appearance of blemishes, reduce fine lines, help decongest pores, smooth skin texture and tone, improves radiance, helps with mild discoloration and restores skin health. They are most effective at enhancing cell turnover and improving the appearance on the surface of the skin.

"Chemical peels come in many different strengths and acidic formulations ranging from superficial to higher penetrating peels. Some common acids in chemical peels are alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs), and trichloroacetic acid (TCA). AHAs are often used to treat signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and uneven texture. BHAs are often used to treat problematic skin concerns such as blemishes, large pores and uneven texture. TCA is often used to treat more advanced visible signs of aging and discoloration caused by sun damage, acne, or hormones" notes from #Skincueticals.


At your first appointment, we evaluate your skin readiness and which peel would best suit your face. We start with light peels as needed and work up to heavier peels to really clarify your skin texture. Even “light peels” help with tone, texture and radiance! 

This solution works by reacting with the upper layer of the skin to efficiently dissolve the bonds that bind surface cells to the skin, ultimately revealing smoother, healthier skin underneath.

The action of a professional chemical peel far outweighs the effect of an exfoliating scrub or brush. Best of all, chemical peels are appropriate for nearly everyone!

During the actual appointment, you'll be reclined & relaxed for an initial skin cleaning and drying. Depending on the peel, a solution will be swiped around your face over the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. We finish each peel with a BioCellulous Masque that is just *amazing!* After your application, we'll go over "post-treatment" care so your skin looks renewed and silky smooth!


“Peel time” depends on the depth of the peel. Patients mostly experience mild redness from the day of the peel up to 5 days of slight redness and mild peeling/flaking.

For the best results, we suggest peels every 2-4 weeks depending on which peel your skin is ready for!

Fort Worth Chemical Peel Results

As you can see above, our rockstar RN, Sherry, did a "stacked" peel and had wonderful results THE NEXT DAY!

A "stacked" peel is also called a Brightening Intensive peel. It is the MicroPeel Plus 20% AND Pigment Balancing Peel layered on top of each other. The best part-- ZERO DOWN TIME! Sherry got her nails done on her way home and worked out!

So, get your Fort Worth Chemical Peel appointment booked as it's going to be a busy season following an intense summer! Get the creamy, dreamy glowing skin you want for all things holiday season!  Book Here:

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