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Skincare Secrets Revealed From The Pros

Updated: May 13, 2023

We often get asked about skincare at Vitality Wellness, “What to use, when do you use it, in what order to use it..” So, I’m going to help you out! Here your skincare tips from your Doctor/Nurse team:


Common sense, right? But majority of people don’t wash their makeup off each night.

We can all run to the grocery store and pick up any skincare face wash, but medical grade products are tested & regulated so we suggest those! Invest in your skin- YOU ARE WORTH IT. Don’t buy every product out there: start with the basics and add on as you need additional treatments.

For Daytime

Start with a gentle medical-grade cleanser!

We suggest using an alcohol-free toner.

Use an antioxidant serum next!

Add in a spot treatment (as needed)

Use Eye cream to reduce lines

Moisturizer to keep your skin supple

And use sunscreen EVERY day!

For Nighttime

Rule of thumb: Use thinnest to thickest!

Use a Makeup Remover to get any residual residue off your skin.

Then use a medical-grade cleanser.

Use exfoliator once a week for glowing skin!

Use an alcohol-free Toner.

Use an Acid Treatment for smooth skin tone.

Add Moisturizer to hydrate your face.

Finally, add Eye Cream to minimize lines!

Routine Complete!

The key to skincare is consistency!

Here at Vitality Wellness Med Spa, we carry SkinCeuticals and we're happy to walk you through any questions about your skin, products or treatment options! If there is a SkinCeuticals product that we do not have in the office, we will be happy to order it for you!

We encourage you to take "before" pictures when you start a new skincare regimen! After one month, take another picture of your face, in the same lighting, as the previous before. You may not notice the difference daily, but over time you will start to see the difference!

We guarantee that your coworkers and family will start to notice overtime! It takes consistency to get into a good skincare regime, but once we start to notice the changes-- you won't want to stop! Adding facials or #mesotherapy with lightening and brightening treatments can enhance the effects of our daily routines faster than standard treatments! If you want that extra power punch to your skin, add a chemical peel to enhance your daily regimen.

If you are interested in additional treatments we have in the office, book your spot today:

- Sherry Rutledge, RN, RNFA, CNOR

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