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Bio-identical Hormone Optimization


When your body is unable to produce testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen, whether from menopause, aging, surgery, or a traumatic injury, you may notice a shift in how you feel.

Many people with a hormone imbalance may complain of these symptoms:

  • Exhaustion and fatigue*

  • Brain fog and memory issues*

  • Weight gain*

  • Muscle and joint discomfort*

  • Reduced sexual desire and performance*

  • And many other various symptoms


The Biote Method of Hormone Optimization uses bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) pellets which contain testosterone or estrogen that the body sees as identical to what it produces naturally.  


BHRT pellets are:

  • About the size of a grain of rice

  • Inserted subcutaneously

  • Absorbed as the body needs them, helping optimize hormone levels

  • Dosed precisely for each individual patient’s needs


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, talk to us, we can help!

Benefits of Hormone Pellet Therapy For Men & Women

Improved Strength &

Weight Loss

Physical Benefits of Hormone Replacement may help relieve the symptoms of hormonal imbalance by restoring hormones to optimal levels, allowing many patients to return to normal, healthy lives.

Renewed Energy & Mood

Research has shown that hormone replacement therapy may help relieve the symptoms of hormone imbalance in women including low mood, anxiousness, low sex drive, decreased bone density, and many other conditions.

Better Sleep, Focus & Clarity

When your body is balanced, mind & body are much more in sync! With pellet therapy, we see a beneficial effect on cognitive function in postmenopausal women as well as reducing the lower mental capacity and brain fog associated with low testosterone in men

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If you are interested in payment options, we have the best financing options for our patients with Cherry!


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