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Semaglutide & Tirzepatide
Weight Loss Injections


Weight Loss Management,
Supplements & Injections in Fort Worth


With the explosive discovery of Semaglutide (Wegovy© & Ozempic©) and Tirzepatide (Mounjaro©) injections around Dallas/Fort Worth for weight loss, there are now thousands of patients with effective options to manage their chronic weight loss struggles. 

** We've been told we've got the best pricing clients have seen for weight loss injections in Fort Worth, Texas! **

Weight Loss IS a medical condition. It can cause depression, stress, addictive behaviors and has the potential from keeping you from living your best life! Our Fort Worth clients who are using these injections for medical weight loss are thriving and living the life they intend for themselves. 


Our Doctor/Nurse team is dedicated to consistent monitoring of our patients, evaluating their successes every step of their weight loss journey and working with our clients to create healthy habits and lifestyle changes that better reflect their own goals right here in Fort Worth. 


While this weight loss injection is widely available through 3rd party sites, we highly encourage you to work with a Medical Doctor through your weight loss journey. We encourage healthy habits, modified eating and manageable exercise for long-term weight loss. We offer both Semaglutide (Wegovy) and Mounjaro (Tirezepatide) for our patients depending on their weight loss goals.

Many of our Vitality Wellness Med Spa Fort Worth patients can potentially lose up to 20 lbs in the first month and maintain approximately 2-4 pounds per week afterwards. Weight loss goals are determined between Dr. Ratino and the patient to monitor overall health, weight loss and weight maintenance. If you are looking for Semaglutide in Fort Worth, Texas: CALL VITALITY WELLNESS AND BOOK YOUR CONSULT TODAY!

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Initial Consultation:

  • Consult with Dr. Julie Ratino regarding weight loss goals

  • Body Analysis, Weigh In & Measurements

  • Kickstart weight loss plan 


Weekly Injections:

  • Can be Performed At Home

  • IV Hydration Therapy and Vitamins encourage​


Maintenance Visits:

  • Accountability Coaching and Monthly Weigh In

  • Review of healthy lifestyle changes and improvements

  • Help hold patients accountable while assisting in keeping weight off and transitioning to healthy lifestyle choices

Checking Weight

Weight Loss
Supplements & Patches

Weight Loss Options Custom To Your Goals

Vitality Wellness Fort Worth offers several weight loss treatments depending on your personal goals!  Dr. Ratino is not only a great resource for health & wellness, but she can give you excellent guidance on exercise, changes to better your life as well as a strategy to maintain your goal weight down the road! 

If you are looking for other options aside from weight loss injections, Vitality Wellness offers weight loss supplements and Phentermine to help curb your appetite. Dr. Julie would review your medical history and set up a consult to discuss your prescription and weight loss goals.


The third weight loss option is our beloved ProPatch Sculpt patches. You wear the patch for 8 hours daily and the vitamins & minerals help curb your appetite! 

All three options are a great addition to your overall health journey!!  If you are interested in setting up a consult for one of these weight loss treatments, book below!

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