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RESTORE '24: The Beginning of The Fort Worth Health Initiative

Here in Fort Worth, we're excited about promoting healthy change by showcasing local Fort Worth experts who can share their expertise and "the science behind their industry" with our extended community!

We have a wonderful line up of extraordinary professionals participating in the Restore '24 Health initiative in all areas of health and wellness around Fort Worth including home organization, meditation, fertility specialists, exercise & community health, trauma therapy and so many other fascinating areas of study!

We constantly get the question-- why are we doing this for free? It's important that we share our process behind this inspiring effort.

While we are in the Fort Worth health and wellness space, there is overlap between medical, health, wellness and aesthetics that we see everyday. We are so lucky to have the most amazing patients! Their health and wellness needs are addressed by us in their appointments, and they are candid with their feelings, emotions, things that affect their personal lives and their health struggles.

We want to give our patients, while also sharing this effort with our city, the opportunity to learn about mind-blowing health information that the people of Fort Worth may have never experienced! Finding a trusted health professional can be difficult if you're still figuring out the variables of your own medical or emotional healing. When we learn something new and exciting, we want to share it with out patients-- and we think these are some experts you needed to meet!

We'll be featuring a video per month (maybe 2!) of these professionals at work and behind the scenes! Some have special events or offers to learn more about the services that might interest you. We are going to be sharing some really fascinating news about health in our own community, and we hope you tune in every month to possibly meet your newest best friend (or professional!)

We want to share with you some valuable insight about what these impressive businesses are doing around Fort Worth, how you can connect with them and share informative nuggets that could potentially be life-changing for some! We are so excited to have you along for the ride! We hope this initiative gives you the chance to experience these caring, valuable experts in Fort Worth!

Starting February 1st!

We are thrilled to share the talented, the charming, the funny and the super organized duo of "Bring Peace Home" to share thoughts about decluttering, organization and working through the "small things." You may have seen their work from your neighbors or professionals in your social media feeds--- #PinterstWorthy, friends!

We promise you'll fall in love with them while getting some mindful tips about how to make organization simple and structured. Stefanie Wyres and Christine Baideme, the organization geniuses behind "Bring Peace Home," will be your "go-to" ladies for all things decluttering, storage methods and insightful ways to take back control of your junk drawer and linger clutter! Look for ways to connect with them and check them out, Fort Worth! You'll thank us, we swear..

We encourage you to follow them on social media to get ideas on how to better organize life with innovative ways to make your day-to-day a bit easier: or check out their website to get more information on their services:

If you haven't joined RESTORE '24, there's still time to grab your tribe and sign up:

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